Drain repairs without excavation

Drain repairs can result in major disruption and unsightly excavations. Drain Doctor's no-dig solutions mean your drain can be restored to full working condition quickly and cleanly.


Drain lining

A resin impregnated repair felt tube is placed in the damaged drain. To ensure minimal loss of cross-sectional area, this new drain liner is pressed into the existing drain under pressure to form a continuous new pipe inside the old one. Once cured this new drain is fully formed and is watertight.                                      

Drain Doctor’s lining process restores the fabric of the drain to an as-new condition.


Spot repairs

Our localised internal structural repair (ISR) can be used where traditional repairs are impossible. ISR Repairs are possible on pipe work of diameters of between 100mm and 450mm to a linear length of one metre.  ISR localised repairs are an easy and cost effective solution to many drain problems.

We provide a full, modern alternative to traditional repairs. However, we can dig out old drains and replace them, should this be the best solution.

All work is fully guaranteed.


Full drain relining benefits include:

• No excavation required

• Resistant to chemical attack or corrosion

• Improved flow characteristics

• Eliminates tree root infestation

• Seals gaps, holes and cracks

• Forms and structural and durable new pipe within the old

• Quick installation and minimal disruption

• Substantial cost-saving over conventional reconstruction methods